The Puzzle

A group of Hillbillies celebrated in a bar. "94 days!" they hooted, "94 days!!!"

They continued all through the night, slapping each other on the back and drinking everything in sight. "94 days!!!"

The bartender was pleased with the increase in sales but puzzled by the meaning of their yells.

"94 days!!!!" they slurred boastfully.

Finally, the bartender managed to pull one aside and asked, "This is quite a celebration."

"Sure is," the Hillbilly swayed, "we did it in 94 days."

"Did what?" the bartender probed.

"We put the puzzle together in 94 days." the Hillbilly beamed back.

"That must have been quite a challenge??"

"It sure was," the Hillbilly boasted, "on the end of the box it said 5 to 7 years."

Contributed by: Bill Cleves

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