The Happy Priest

A truck driver had a habit of, whenever he saw a lawyer on the side of the road, swerving to hit him. He got no greater pleasure out of life than the sound of the lawyer going *thump-thump* underneath his wheels. One day, he saw a happy, smiling priest standing on the side of the road. Being a good Samaritan (despite the whole laywer deal), he pulls over and says, "Father, do you need a lift?"
"Why, yes, thank you." The drole little priest climbs up into the cab, and the truck driver heads off. After a short while, he sees a lawyer on the side of the road, and out of habit swerves towards him. Suddenly, he remembers he has a priest, a holy man, next to him, and he frantically tries to avoid hitting the lawyer. *thump*
"Father, I, uh, I think I came close to hitting that lawyer back there." "Oh, don't worry," replied the priest. "I got him with the door."

Contributed by: Carson Bloomberg
Date Added: September 8, 1998

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